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Wind Horse Ranch & Riding Club

Wind Horse Ranch & Riding club is located in beautiful Tang Valley of Bumthang district. It is around 34ms (about 1.5hrs drive ) from Jakar town or Bumthang (Bathpalathang) airport. The drive is along the farm road (dirt road), adult chat room do my accounting homework passing many villages and tourists attractions, such as Membartsho, Pema Shedrup nunnery, a picturesque Gemtshong village, Mesitang village and Tang Rimochen temple.

The ranch is located in 10 luscious acres of land leased from local community. It borders Wobthang community dairy and sheep farm on one side and on the other side is a vast areas of wilderness. We have a large outdoor riding arena and viewing booth for the parents and clients to watch their children or friends ride while sipping tea. The arena is overlooking the beautiful mountains and is perfectly located to access all of our wonderful trails.

This project started in 2010. During these years, we have made several trial runs, cleared miles of overgrown trails and launched it modestly around the end of 2012. This ranch does not exist for fame and fortune, but to expand our love of adventure, diversify tourism offerings in Bhutan, and in small ways contribute to the rural economy.
We care about not only our guests, but also our animals, and about the environment. We take our responsibility for the river, the mountains, the people, and its cultures seriously.

We cater to riders of every discipline and experience level from the freshest of newbies to well-seasoned equestrians.
On our riding trails adult chat room do my accounting homework you will find unlimited doses of scenic beauty and splendor as you cross rivers, bridges, ridges and ride through villages and meadows.

Come enjoy horse riding the way you want it.730.JPG730.JPG


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